How to Make a Simple Life Complicated

Here are 6 Tips to make your Simple Life Incredibly Complicated

1. Decide on a path, then immediately take a different course of action. Do this repeatedly and you will get completely confused about the decision you made in the first place.

2. When taking a journey from A to B, try to visit the rest of the alphabet in between. You might not get there or be delayed but you can say how much fun you had on the journey.

3. When picking a partner, chase hard after the ones who are no good for you and those who are totally uninterested.  Ignore people close at hand who are extremely good for you because that would be too easy.

4. When you are in a good, solid financial position, chase another dream and fritter away your inheritance to leave you penniless in the future.

5. Procrastinate and talk out a multitude of options leading in a multitude of different directions.
That way you will never do anything, get any where or succeed in anything other than complicating things. 

6. When you have an opportunity to make life easier, try again and remember, nothing could be that easy.

Solution: Invite God into everything you do!

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