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Sunday, 27 January 2013

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HOBBIT ON LOCATION VIDEO! Hobbiton Update Photo detail

HOBBIT ON LOCATION VIDEO 2012 (Click this Link)
An interesting visit to Hobbiton in New Zealand revealed some interesting details. No expense spared here. Take a look at the details in the photos and click the title link above to view the exciting film locations of the new Hobbit movie.
Photo Shoot

Hobbit House

Window and trailing plants

Wood piles and planters.

Carved Details

Views from the Hill

Looking after the grassy hills.

Garden detail

Hobbit House


"Noah was an amateur;
the Titanic was built by professionals." 
Malcolm Allison
Banana Boat

     So may 2013 be a year of optimism, a year of adventure and a year where we know our limitations but pursue our dreams.   People are the essence as we share the journey through this incredibly awesome but wounded world.